NTProtect® Oven & Glass Cooktop Protectant Set

NTProtect® Oven & Glass Cooktop Protectant Set
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NTProtect® Oven & Glass Cooktop Protectant is a heat resistant invisible ultra thin film with excellent repellent effect against cooking residues, it facilitates the removal of burnt-on food, stains, and water spots on smooth glass cook tops. It work also great on fireplace glass doors.

Advantages of NTProtect® Oven & Glass Cooktop Protectant:

  • Works on glass cooktops!
  • Prevents burned on dirt, oil, and other cooking residue!
  • Save money and cleaning products!
  • Heat-resistant and easy to apply!

 Possible Applications:

  • Glass cook-tops
  • Oven windows
  • Oven racks
  • Fireplace doors
  • Glass ovens and more

Makes surfaces easy to clean.
Using less cleaning products is environmental-friendly. For commercial and private households.

Clean your surface according to the cleaning instructions with NTProtect Pre-Cleaner.
Spray on Protectant evenly until it forms a layer.
Polish surface streak-free with the polishing cloth. Allow 30 minutes to dry. 
Oonly clean using water and Wipe'N Protect® Microfilament Cloth.

Set's contains:

Set S application amount 50ft² (4.6m²)
2 fl oz (59ml) Pre- Cleaner
2 fl oz (59ml) Protectant
1 Cleaning Sponge
1 Protective glove
1 Polish cloth
1 Microfilament cleaning cloth

Sett M application amount 100ft² (9.3m²)
4 fl oz (118ml) Pre- Cleaner
4 fl oz (118ml) Protectant
2 Cleaning Sponges
2 Protective gloves
2 Polish cloths
2 Microfilament cleaning cloths

Set L application amount 200ft² (18.6m²)
8 fl oz (237ml) Pre- Cleaner
8 fl oz (237ml) Protectant
3 Cleaning Sponges
2 Protective gloves
3 Polish cloths
3 Microfilament cleaning cloths

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